Creative Thoughts

Creative Thoughts

Tuesday, 3 March 2015

Blue shaded bowl

Good morning from sunny Goa !  It's 4th March here.

It's great to be back and thank you dear friends for your comments on our new home.  
Yes, it is lovely.  It's very green and peaceful compared to noisy old Bombay.  In Goa we still refer to that city as "Bombay" completely ignoring the new name "Mumbai" because many of our families migrated from Goa to Bombai (as it was then called by Goans) in the 50s when Goa was a Portuguese colony.  It was to look for work, not to get away from our beloved land.  We would await the summer vacations (April-May) each year to descend in hordes to Goa, to visit relatives, eat mangoes and jackfruit and live it up in our rustic homes.  One and a half months of pure bliss before we went back to the grind.

This is the view from the table I use to craft my simple works of art.

I prefer sitting in the balcony as there's more light here. 

A neighbour gave away this Hibiscus to me as he is going away for a year and ofcourse I am so happy to have it.

So there are these two crimped Georgette beauties staring at me whilst I paint away on the new bowl below:

Again it's acrylic on terracotta.  Sponged in metallic Prussian blue and rose; worked over with silver 3D outliner and filled in with black glitter and gems.

Thanks for visiting and have a great day !


  1. Oh Lena, it really is a beautiful setting, looking so peaceful and relaxing.
    I love your bowl, what a wonderful shade of blue and the decoration is gorgeous, have a lovely day, hugs Kate x

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  2. Such a gorgeous bowl Lena and such a fabulous setting to make it in. Hope you are enjoying your new home - it looks wonderful.

  3. Hi Lena, “talent personified” !!! Your painting & art work on the terracotta vase & bowl is exquisite, toooo divine. Will just add to more finesse to your already lovely & perfect home !!! Luv & hugs Asha !!

  4. Hi Lena, your photos and the bowl are gorgeous.

  5. Hi Lena such a gorgeous view from your craft room and that bowl is stunning huggles Sue xx

  6. Hello Lena, thank you for your visit. Wow! that is a stunning view you get while crafting.
    Love your Hibiscus Plant, beautiful colour. When we lived in Turkey we had a few Hibiscus Bushes in the garden. I really loved them, such a pity the flowers don't last long. However there are always plenty ready waiting to take over.
    Your bowl is beautiful, love the colour and your pretty design.
    Have a great day
    Patricia x

  7. Hi, greetings from Malaysia. You have a wonderful view of the garden to inspire you and that is a very beautiful art piece.