Creative Thoughts

Creative Thoughts

Friday, 30 December 2016

Mini Post its

The Scrap Queen came up with her stash and this is the result.

I used card stock for the cover.  Reinforced it by adding a double layer of card stock at the bottom of the cover so it provides a solid base for the note paper or post its.

Embellish with whatever you have hoarded.  

Makes nice "giveaways" .


African tribal art inspiration

Hi there

This is another Zen terracotta bowl I worked on whilst minding a little gift shop that belongs to a friend.
Tangerine is my favourite colour.


Monday, 17 October 2016

Zen tangles

The prodigal has returned.
Have been busy with so many things the blog has been sadly neglected.

I hope you have all been well.

Here is my first ever attempt at doodling or zen tangling on a painted terracotta pot. I used a fine tipped, permanent marker and it took me a full day with periodic forays into the kitchen to get lunch ready.

that's all for today.
Thanks for stopping by.


Thursday, 7 July 2016

Cell Phone Cover

Hello there !

I hope everybody is happy and thriving beautifully in your corner of the world.
I'm posting after ages as I have been travelling abroad.  Visited 7 countries in Europe in 3 weeks and had a great time !

This is what I created recently.

This is what my cell phone case looked like when I bought it.  It's plastic and it had this abstract design on it.  Just grooves.

I coloured the various parts in pink, blue and mauve using a child's felt pen.  I'd tried using acrylic but it would not hold.  Then I took a tiny cotton wool ball and in circular motions blended the colour into the plastic surface.  It was originally in bright shades but on blending the colour turns pastel.

Next I stuck the decals or stickers to form my initials and a pattern.  This is on the front cover.

The back is different as you can see below:
Here I've used Mod Podge and then glitter powder on top.  Waited for it to set for say about 10 minutes and then taking a sponge I rubbed it in so the excess came off.  It stuck beautifully.  Later I put the stickers.

I apologise for the rather dull images.  Not much natural light here in Goa as we are having a heavy monsoon season.

So if you're home on a rainy day, try embellishing some ordinary stuff you have lying around.

Next I'm going to do up my iPad cover.

Cheers !


Friday, 1 April 2016

Sympathy Card

Another quick card to mail before the post closes.

I don't have a die cutter.  I have had a stamp made which I stamp in various colours and then cut into shape to make the label.  Ribbon is from a street market in Mumbai. So happy to see pearls coming in sticky rows now.  Makes lining them up on cards so much easier.

Have a great weekend folks !


Wednesday, 30 March 2016

Typewritter Card

Here's a quick guy card I made for a young family member.

Reminiscent of my days back in the early 70s when we used typewriters.  I found this stamp in a tray with assorted, mounted stamps at "Artists" in Chicago.  I used metallic pencils to fill in the light brown colour and with a fibre tip pen touched up the "keys".  The tiny sticker hearts are actually bordered in gold but doesn't show in the photo.  Background paper from my stash.

Thanks for visiting.


Friday, 11 March 2016

Oscar Dom Victor Castellino

Opera singer of Goan origin. 

Oscar Dom Victor Castellino (Baritone) alumnus of the Royal College of Music was in Goa with his Operawala Tour of India. He was accompanied by pianist Nadine Crasto.

Sponsored by the Italian Embassy Cultural Centre the concert was staged on 8th March, 2016 at the Goa Chitra Museum, Benaulim, which beautifully showcased Oscar’s stunning vocal abilities.  The concerts in India are being held to commemorate the death centenary of composer, Francesco Paolo Tosti’s music from his early days in the United Kingdom.  Although the music was from a single composer Oscar sang songs in English, French and Napolitana.

I had heard of Oscar’s amazing performance in Mumbai on February 23, 2016, from my friend, Niloufer Marolia, President of the St. Xavier’s Alumni Association.   I am told Oscar himself organised his concert at St. Xavier’s, Mumbai and she raved about his performance.   I eagerly awaited 8th March and was the first to enter Goa Chitra’s indoor hall.

The evening was enchanting.  Oscar’s style is hypnotic. He has the ability to transport the listener to anywhere he wishes to take them.

 NinnaNanna - A lullaby

He is truly, exceptionally gifted.  His singing will move you to the core and evoke every emotion in you.

It was my pleasure to meet him after the show.

Oscar, we are ecstatic you brought opera to Goa and we are proud of you !
Your talent has made an impression on us. There really are no words that could truly convey the beauty of your breathtaking voice. It must be experienced to be believed. We wish you greater levels of success.

To me, you are a super star !  I shall look forward to seeing my prediction come to reality in the very near future! May all you wish for come wrapped in rainbows sprinkled with stardust!

Meet Oscar Dom Victor Castellino !

Oscar Dom Victor Castellino aka Operawala is based in the UK.  He has roots in Assagao, Goa.  Oscar grew up in scenic Mussoorie, north India, at St. George’s College where his parents were teachers. 
He majored in Physics at St, Xavier’s College, Mumbai (or Bombay as we, Goans, still prefer to call it) and has worked in the corporate industry as a software engineer.  He was discovered by Patricia Rosario, a highly respected artist in Europe. She made him believe he could pursue a career in singing.

Oscar sang for Queen Elizabeth’s pageant on the River Thames during her Diamond Jubilee celebrations in June 2012.

He will be playing the central role of James Meredith in the opera Komilitonen with Welsh National Opera Young Artists in July 2016. 

With Opera at Bearwood, he has played the roles of Mercutio in Romeo and Juliet, Dancairo in Carmen and Pluto in Orpheus in the Underworld.  He played Djami in Iain Burnside’s Journeying Boys. 
With Barefoot Opera he played Dancairo  (Carmen) and Belcore (l’Elisir D’amore).
He played the lead role of Aeneas in Giving Voice Society’s Dido and Aeneas Tour of India.
Oscar also played the lead role of Mahival in Sohini and Mahival,  an Urdu opera at the Southbank Centre and Niladri in a Vanraj Bhatia opera.

Oscar is the first recipient of the Blair Wilson Award and was supported by the Martin Harris Award and Lee Abbey Award at the Royal College of Music where he studied under Patricia Rozario who discovered his talent while he was a software programmer having earlier studied Physics at St. Xavier’s College, Mumbai.
Oscar commissioned a new work, “The Little Big Man” based on Tagore’s poems by Bertram Wee. This received much success at its premier in London in June 2015.

Oscar, thanks so much for being so friendly, and for sharing your amazing talent with others. I can see that performing is your passion.  You are not only a very talented and awesome singer, but one of the most genuine individuals I have ever encountered. You inspire me.
Good luck at the forthcoming concerts in Mysore and Poona ! 

Be blessed.

Thursday, 10 March 2016

Acrylic on vellum

Hi there,

These are two of my acrylic paintings - oriental theme, as you can see.

"Kimono" acrylic on vellum

"Bird in Cherry Tree"
acrylic and flat gems on vellum

Sorry about the reflection in the glass....not very good photos but all there to see.
Thank you for visiting.


Monday, 7 March 2016

I'm now with Star of David Tours & Travels, South Goa

Hi friends !

It's been a year since I last posted !  And what a year it has been !

I've travelled to distant lands, some new, some revisited and now after almost 8 years of retirement, I've started working again !  I am with Star of David Tours & Travels, South Goa, handling leisure holidays to India and assisting with Christian pilgrimage tours to Israel, Jordan and Egypt, Western Europe and Eastern Europe too.  Our pilgrimage tours have been a huge success this year.  I'm happy to say it is a busy season.

Pictures of my own journey to the Holy Land will be posted soon.

I hope to catch up with all my old blogger friends and I pray all of you have been well and thriving !

Cheers !