Creative Thoughts

Creative Thoughts

Thursday, 7 July 2016

Cell Phone Cover

Hello there !

I hope everybody is happy and thriving beautifully in your corner of the world.
I'm posting after ages as I have been travelling abroad.  Visited 7 countries in Europe in 3 weeks and had a great time !

This is what I created recently.

This is what my cell phone case looked like when I bought it.  It's plastic and it had this abstract design on it.  Just grooves.

I coloured the various parts in pink, blue and mauve using a child's felt pen.  I'd tried using acrylic but it would not hold.  Then I took a tiny cotton wool ball and in circular motions blended the colour into the plastic surface.  It was originally in bright shades but on blending the colour turns pastel.

Next I stuck the decals or stickers to form my initials and a pattern.  This is on the front cover.

The back is different as you can see below:
Here I've used Mod Podge and then glitter powder on top.  Waited for it to set for say about 10 minutes and then taking a sponge I rubbed it in so the excess came off.  It stuck beautifully.  Later I put the stickers.

I apologise for the rather dull images.  Not much natural light here in Goa as we are having a heavy monsoon season.

So if you're home on a rainy day, try embellishing some ordinary stuff you have lying around.

Next I'm going to do up my iPad cover.

Cheers !



  1. Hi Lena. Beautiful project. Hope you are well.

  2. Hi Lena. Beautiful project. Hope you are well.

  3. Hello Lena, lovely to see you here and with such a lovely project.
    My goodness you are well travelled, and in a short time too, did you need a holiday when you got home? So glad you enjoyed yourself, Kate x