Creative Thoughts

Creative Thoughts

Friday, 8 March 2013

Maroon, Amber and Red

Happy Women's Day !

And what better way to start the day than by crafting !  As I post this it is already past 4 pm here in India !

A big thank you to all the lovely people who commented on my work in the past two days.  I truly appreciate your comments.  It makes me feel so good.

Continuing with my latest craze for decorating notepads....

 ..with a flower spray and folded tag.  The gems and gold glitter on some of the borders just refuses to show.  

Leaving a border all around, I highlighted a little of the design in the squares - with 3D gold metallic and then stuck the gems.  Actually this paper is a light brown and the gold and amber embellishments show very well.  Took several photos but the colour just does not come out right.

Here too the paisley looks gorgeous but the design appears blurred.  Created by sticking a paisley motif taken from another design paper.  Then I piped in 3D gold, glitter pink and glitter gold over the motif.  The top of the cover holds a wrist band which I bought from a local shop.  

All design paper used is handmade in India.

And now I shall go and make myself a cup of chai.  
Cheers !  Hope you all have a wonderful day !


  1. These are gorgeous Lena. My favourite is the middle one. Hope your crafting bug continues as these are great.

  2. Good afternoon Lena, I like the middle one the best too. Enjoy your chai, I am a coffee drinker myself.

  3. OOOoo very nice Lena the colours are stunning on all of them ..keep on crafting hun your doing a great job!!! huggles hun Sue J xxx

  4. Hi Lena, Beautiful selection of notepads, adorable colours.... I can't pick a favourite they are all Gorgeous... Hugs May x x x

  5. So beautiful Lena, love the gold look and it sure appears classy.
    Living in India is not an issue if you win the candy. I would speculate otherwise my friend. I have sent candy to Sweden and the UK so no probs. My niece is engaged to a fellow in India but she was rushed home two weeks ago with spinal menagitis, Is that going around in parts of India? Good luck in the challenge, Mum's birthday tomorrow will be hard for me as I have not had time to grieve having dad here. Mother's day is also in May here so we celebrate the annie

  6. Lena these are so beautiful. I love the pretty colors you chose. I used to do this a long time ago. They make great gifts. Super job.

  7. Lena, I love the rich colours of the paisley paper. A friend of mine makes books and I told her about your bold ,brightly coloured paper. What is the best way for us to get hold of such paper? Much love sally