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Creative Thoughts

Friday, 14 December 2012

Christmas Tags Gift Pack

Hi everybody,

I'm sure most of you are busy preparing for Christmas and having a fun time doing it.  It's my favourite time of year.  However, "winter" seems to be playing truant in our corner of the globe.  It's still very warm and sunny.  If you had hot sunshine the year round like we do, you would, believe me, long for some chill in the air.  It goes with the Christmas decorations in the shop windows and the artificial Christmas trees, poinsettias and holly piled up at Crawford Market, Mumbai.  

I've been away for quite some time.  First a short holiday to Goa and immediately on my return the computer crashed.  Our techie could not make it to our place for a week so it's only just been fixed.  It was a restful holiday but I'm glad to be back, doing what I like best.  

I am a hoarder and these tags were made from bits of leftover cardstock.  Hoarding includes a lot of pictures cut out from old greeting cards and cookie boxes. I should be crowned Queen of Scrap.

Tag Gift packs

Why not gift tags to people you know who would make good use of them ?

Long ago, I found this tutorial on the net.  I wish I could remember the site so I could give credit where it is due.  This tag gift pack holds 6 tags.

It's made from metalic cardstock as I find this strong and easy to work with.  I measured 3 1/2" from top of cardstock and made a crease.  Folded to form flap and used a corner rounder punch to soften the flap ends.
A little below the crease, I adhered a polythene bag to the cardstock with double sided tape.  Then using my one-hole-punch, I punched 2 holes into the cardstock - one on each side of the polythene bag about 11/2" below the crease of the "flap".  Threaded a ribbon (you can use fancy cord) through these holes so the ends come up the front, over the folded flap, to form a knot or bow.  Decorate flap as you desire.
Strip off the protective tape off the polythene bag top.  Fill bag with your handmade tags and adhere it closed. Fold decorated flap over and tie the ribbon to secure it. Your gift tag pack is ready.

Last Christmas I made 50 tags all at one go and my friend, Niloufer, offered to sell them for me.  She makes Christmas theme crochet gifts and when she went out to deliver her goods, she took my tags along.  To my surprise, all of them were sold.

Thanks Niloufer, for all the times you've helped me sell my other craft work as well.

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