Creative Thoughts

Creative Thoughts

Saturday, 15 December 2012

Simone's birthday

Today is our daughter's birthday.  I made this card and bookmark for her to enclose with the Tailoring Book we sent her as a gift.  Simone lives in the UK.  A few months ago she expressed a wish to learn tailoring.  As a little girl, she would often sit at one end of my sewing machine - the kind that has a wooden extension you can pull up for laying out fabric to cut.  I was delighted to know she wanted my old notes and I made her a Tailoring Journal.  At that time, my blog did not exist and I just did not think to take a photo of the journal.  Now I wish I had.

The paper and label are from Papermania UK.  I sketched the perfume bottle
and wrote out the Coco Chanel quote.

the inside of the card - image also from Papermania

Simone is beautiful and classy.  She loves to dress and was always good at designing clothes even when she was very young.  This is a recent photo of her.

Happy Birthday Simone !

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  1. Really lovely tag and card Lena. Such a lovely photograph of your daughter - you must be very proud of her.