Creative Thoughts

Creative Thoughts

Sunday, 14 October 2012

Dr. Neha Gala aka Crafty Doctor

The first ever craft stall that includes art rubber stamping as a hobby craft, was at the Kutch Vagad Trade Expo 2012 in Mumbai on 13th and 14th October.

A-1 Craft Supply is a joint effort of Dr. Neha Gala aka Crafty Doctor  and her partner, Vikram.  They have been busy in the past couple of years selling craft products online.

The Expo was at a distant suburb of Mumbai and although it would involve a good amount of time commuting by train, Joe insisted I support Neha's efforts and he accompanied me to the Expo.   That's him at Churchgate Station.

Dr. Neha Gala is a practising doctor at KEM Hospital, Mumbai.  She says she would rather be a crafter !
Her stall at the Expo. 
She and Vikram had to explain to visitors what art stamping was all about !
the entrance to the hall

A welcoming flower arrangement of yellow and orange marigolds.



  1. Hi, the entrance hall & flower arrangement is gorgeous. Joe is such a supportive husband!! I am sure that U was in heaven in this stall & found many crafty items to support your talents !!

    1. Hi Asha, thanks so much for being a follower. Yes, it was great to see so many craft products at this booth. Stamping and Scrapbooking is an expensive hobby in India as it's pretty much new.