Creative Thoughts

Creative Thoughts

Thursday, 18 October 2012

Events at the Pavement Club

16th October
A "together" moment just before the start of a fun day.

a small batch of the Pavement School kids and me

 Rocky Fernandes (in blue) who's been with them for many years !

a little girl doing a welcome dance for the visitors from Costa deRomantica, a cruise ship that docked in our port for two days.

 Mr. Lawrence Hardinge giving a lecture on the Pavement Club and School

 the littlest ones !
All the kids got lots of candy, books and colour boxes, harmonicas and fancy pencils as well as costume jewellery and bags for the older girls.
 taking lots of photos !
and in the afternoon - students from the Chinese International School, Hong Kong.
They donated 12 laptops which were given away to the older children.

The kids had fun talking to all the visitors even though it meant volunteers translating.  Most of them do not speak English.  They attend Hindi medium schools run by the Bombay Municipality. The older kids are computer literate.


  1. I think this is wonderful. What marvellous work you are doing.

  2. Something good, something nice is happening here :-)

    1. Yes it is. Not many people are even aware of this movement. I'm trying to reach out and am happy I've lately received emails and calls from people asking how they can help. Thank you for commenting.