Creative Thoughts

Creative Thoughts

Sunday, 28 October 2012

Fancy Envelopes

I think somehow we were all made to create things.  There's this energy that doesn't allow me to sit still, particularly when there are some craft materials staring back at me and pleading to be brought to life.
Come November it will be wedding season in India.  I always keep about a dozen envelopes ready as there's always someone who needs a fancy envelope to gift money, not just for weddings but also birthdays or to welcome a new born baby.

I would appreciate your valuable comments.
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  1. These are gorgeous Lena especially the blue one with the butterfly.

  2. Absolutely stunning & gorgeous !!! Such amazing talent & insight !!!

  3. Very nice and creative. I like the brown flower one. I'm thinking about making some myself. Where do you get the envelopes from.

    1. Thank you. I get them from Chira Bazar in Mumbai.