Creative Thoughts

Creative Thoughts

Sunday, 14 October 2012

Eriko's Mini Japanese Lanterns

My guest today is Mrs. Eriko Matsuda from Tokyo.

Eriko's and my friendship spans more than two decades.  We worked for the same company....she at the Tokyo branch and I at the head office in Mumbai.  Now, besides being a full time homemaker and a social worker, Eriko still makes time to learn new hobbies.  She has been crafting for many years and, with pride, I show below her latest painting on Japanese mini lanterns !

She's drawn the design free hand on the lamps !  I wish I could paint half as beautifully as that !



  1. Yr'll are both very talented!! The lanterns are amazingly attractive -- SssOooo Beautiful !!!

    1. Asha, Eriko will be very happy to know that when she reads this comment of yours. She's very modest. I'm trying to persuade her to create a blog. Very soon I'll also be featuring her other works.