Creative Thoughts

Creative Thoughts

Monday, 24 September 2012


Today's post is dedicated to my friend and very talented crafter, Christina Griffiths from the U.K. who has been motivating us by sharing her work.
Christina, thank you very much for your patience and your encouragement in getting some of my work featured on your website not so very long ago. 
Ladies, she has an amazing website called Card-making-Magic that is full of valuable content on crafting, with video tutorials and tips to help you make stunning cards.  I really admire her for many reasons, not the least of which is how she is always coming up with new ways to use the supplies most crafters already own.  Check out her great techniques here.  There's an entire section for beginners too !
Be sure to visit her blog too.  The latest is the prettiest little gift boxes you will just die to make !



  1. Hi Lena and welcome to Blogland. Your projects are really lovely. I do hope that you add a followers button to your blog so that I may join. I love India and have visited many times and the highlight of every trip is to have a Masala (or paper) Dosa in the Taj hotel in Mumbai. I do hope that you show photos of the beautiful city that Mumbai is so that other bloggers may share in them

  2. Hi Lena, I found my way to your blog through "Christina at Card-Making-Magic". I love your tags and my goal is to make bookmark/tags for the ladies and gents in my church group. As another commenter stated please do add a followers button to you blog because I too would love to join.


  3. Hi Lena, Christina sent me to meet you! Welcome to the world of blogging sweetheart! I love your tags! I went further down to see your pictures of the Toy train and the Mountain head. What gorgeous scenery! I don't know much about Mumbai, so I do hope you share more photos and information about your country! You do need to add a following widget & one for subscribing by e-mail, so we can see you on a regular basis. If you need help doing this, I will be glad to help. Nice to meet you sweetheart!
    Hugs Lori Reinholz
    South Carolina, USA

  4. Good morning! So glad to have you in the blog world. Christina sent me over and I am in the process of checking you out. Looks like I have a real treat ahead of me. Thanks so much for taking the plunge. Blessings!

    1. Hi Pam,
      Good morning ! Gosh, I have so much to learn on blogging but I am so grateful for your comments. Blessings to you too.

  5. HI...welcome to the blog world! Can't wait to see all your greatness! Christina sent me and I am delighted!

  6. Hi Lena!
    Lovely bookmarks,tags,notebook and senic. It must of been a awesome Holiday! Christina on her blog shows a beautiful notebook you made her. She's tickled pink!
    Oh, do you have any ideas on doing Asian cards? I've made a few. Asian cards are so Stunning! I would love- to- make- all my cards Asian style!