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Creative Thoughts

Friday, 28 September 2012

Mushroom Curry

More than 10 years ago, this recipe of mine was featured on Joe Barkson's World Wide Recipes.   It brought me in contact with other food cultures and some of the people I met online, are email friends till date.  Two of them visited Mumbai so we could meet personally.

I'd like to share this recipe, and many more, with those of you who love Indian food.
Mushroom Curry  
200 gms. fresh white button mushrooms - cleaned and halved
1 medium sized onion (chopped very fine)
1 tbspn. Oil.  I use sunflower oil.
1 cup unflavoured yogurt (beat it till no lumps can be seen)
half cup tomato puree.  I use fresh tomatoes. 
( chop 2 tomatoes and grind them to a smooth paste in your mixie)
1 teaspoon heaped, Indian garam masala.
One cup chicken stock or vegetable stock (I use one small Maggie cube)*
half tsp red chilli powder
Salt to taste (if using a Maggie cube,  go easy on the salt)
Fresh coriander (cilantro) leaves to garnish. 

Heat oil and fry onions to a golden brown colour. Add tomato puree and fry till juice evaporates.
Add the garam masala Keep stirring for 5 min.
Put in the yogurt and stir for 4 minutes. Add  chilli powder and salt if necessary. Stir for a minute.
Throw in the mushrooms and stir till coated with mixture.
Finally add the stock and simmer for 10 min.
Garnish with fresh coriander leaves and serve with steamed rice or parathas (Indian flat bread). 
If you want a smoother curry and with a little more volume -
Slice the onion fine and after it is fried to a golden brown, let it cool a bit. Use a slotted spoon, take it out from the oil and put it in the mixie.  Add the fresh, chopped tomatoes and blend this to a smooth paste. Takes only half a minute. Put this back into the cooking pan and proceed further with recipe.
*Check that your Maggie cube does not contain MSG (ajinomoto) i.e. if you have diet restrictions.

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