Creative Thoughts

Creative Thoughts

Saturday, 8 September 2012


Everyday is a gift from the Lord and I treasure it.

I'm Lena and I live in Mumbai (Bombay), India.  A few years ago I retired from my job of 38 years with a Tour Operator and now spend my time crafting and keeping house.  Today our city celebrates the birthday of the Virgin Mary.  People of all faiths made their way to Mount Mary's Basilica in Bandra, a suburb of Mumbai.

All my art & craft work is a tribute to my two kids, Shawn and Simone who now live away from us.  They have always supported me in my efforts and encouraged me when in doubt about my own abilities.
To my husband of 37 years, Joe, goes the credit for keeping me informed of the best bargains in craft paper and other arty equipment.
My biggest critics are our two "adopted" kids, Ayush and Khushi.  They live next door but spend a lot of time with us. 
To you and the rest of my big family including my late Dad and Mum, Thank You for your love and support especially my two brothers; Francis for gifting me my first pair of craft scissors (they proved to be lucky) and Daniel for urging me to sell my creations.

I am grateful to my young and old friends who, in various ways, helped me to get started.  In no particular order - Joe Roberts, Shane Vaz, Sonia Das, Eriko Matsuda, Bonnie Waliezer, Niloufer Marolia and Gita Choksi -
Thank you very much for your time,thoughtfulness and appreciation. 
Without your encouragement I would not have made it this far. 

I am so inspired by the art I see on the various blogs that I visit.  I wonder at the amazing talent that is out there and I think every one of them should be praised. 
Happiness is not in the mere possession of money; it lies in the joy of achievement, in the thrill of the creative effort.  
Here is mine :

This being my first ever post, what better way than showing off my favourite craft: decorating notepads !

These are the flapover kind. 

gemmed paisley

used my butterfly punch here.
My friend, Eriko named this "Kimono design" !

'vintage' scraps

violets are some of my favourite flowers

A lot of pearl 3D paint went into this "fantasy" ....

mustard and gold
I used 3D acrylic paints to highlight an existing design and embellished it further with "gems".  
All the design paper used in this project is handmade in India.

Thanks for stopping by.  I would appreciate your valuable comments.
If you do make anything from my blog and post it on yours please be sure to give me credit and a link back to my blog.



  1. this is fabulous leena mam.. i m happy to be linked on ur blog..

  2. I agree with the above comment. These are fabulous Lena xXx

  3. Lena - I have just had time to look through your projects and these are gorgeous especially the violets and most of all the fabulous Kimono design. What a very talented lady you are.