Creative Thoughts

Creative Thoughts

Monday, 24 September 2012

Simple Bookmarks 2

Here is a bookmark I've made for my son, Shawn.  I'd kept this pic aside especially for him.  I have a fondness for owls, not just because they look so cute but for what they symbolise.

and the ones below are for friends....

Stamps on the right side one is Fiskar's.  Sorry, I can't quite place which set I used.  I went crazy and made so many.
It's still time for Christmas but couldn't resist using the little robin pic.  Other than that, the little creatures are stickers I purchased from the annual Thai Exhibition that is held each September in our city.  They have just one craft booth and this year they actually had a few rubber stamps but no stamp pads.  Rubber Stamping is still, vastly, an unknown craft here so I don't blame them for not making the effort to bring in that stock.  The stamps used above are from Papertreyink's All Booked Up set which my daughter, Simone so thoughtfully picked up while on a business trip to New York. 

Please also have a look at the bookmark made by a VI (Visually Impaired) boy.  You'll find it here

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