Creative Thoughts

Creative Thoughts

Monday, 24 September 2012

From the Visually Impaired

A couple of weeks ago, St. Xavier's, my children's old college here in Mumbai, hosted an exhibition for the Visually Impaired showcasing the new gadgets that were now available for them. Upon entry into the hall, a visually impaired boy presented a bookmark made by him, to each person.  This bookmark was given to me.  In the centre, you can see my name in braille. 

I was moved by this gesture but had no idea how overwhelmed I would be later on.  The joy emanating from these boys and girls made me feel ashamed.  I felt awful for whining about my glaucoma problem.  Here were very young people who could not see light or colour and yet were full of enthusiasm and outstanding in their chosen fields. The college itself has 50 visually impaired students.
St. Xavier's College, Mumbai

A lively chat session with the VI and partially VI.  That's me in the white bead necklace and the other lady is my friend, Niloufer, who is the President of the Xavier's Alumni Assocation.
God has given us the gift of nature. I believe He has given me the gift of seeing ordinary things in a different light and the ability to render these ideas into colour and design. What were quaint notions and thoughts strewn about have intergrated and become images made by God. What I create, I owe entirely to Him. I will always praise God's gift of Nature and Life through my art.

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  1. hello lena,
    your work is lovely, also like the one made by the visually impaired how amazing.
    i found your blog when i visited christina's.
    i will visit again
    best wishes

  2. Marvellous bookmark especially to have been made by someone visually impaired. Such great work.

  3. Makes you feel so humble and we should all count our blessings. The bookmark is lovely and I am sure that you will treasure it Lena as the special gift that it is xx

  4. Yes, It was a humbling experience and I will treasure that bookmark.